Heavy Gear II

Filename Size Description
convert2m.zip 84Kb This allows you to convert .x and .six files into HG2 binary format effectively allowing you to create new objects.
Demo_IA.zip 289Kb This is the demo map changed into a single player instant action map for the full game.
HG2-Fallscape.exe 804Kb This is a set of objects and textures I created that you can use to make a fall landscaped map. Included are all the textures, objects, and a few documents to explain what is what.
HG2-groundtex.exe 1.75Mb This is a PDF contact sheet of all the textures included with the Terraformer. It’s a very nice thing to have around when you are terraforming.
HG2Sounds.zip 11Kb Examples of how to include custom sounds in a map.
BGATV2.zip 5Kb Very excellent explanation of how TV or Threat Value is calculated.
StockGearRefv2.zip 23Kb Spreadsheet listing all stock gear configurations.
I82_Textures.zip 4.78Mb Textures from Interstate ’82 which uses the same engine as HG2.
HG2Frac.zip 2.12Mb A fractal height map generator for use with random generation of terrain in the Terraformer.
hg2sfx.exe 3.45Mb Sound samples from HG2 with instructions on using them.